• Check-ups
  • Maintenance/tune-ups
  • Repairs
  • Spare parts – sourcing and sales
  • Restoration
  • Technical modifications
  • Bead blasting/paint stripping, painting, chrome plating, powder coating

We buy and sell pre-owned bicycles

We service every pre-owned bike we sell. A free check within one month of purchase is included. Owner/operator Willi Kasyk’s passion for collecting classic racing bicycles has given him a unique network of sources for rare bikes and parts in Austria and abroad

die radwerkstatt is always happy to track down a collector’s item for you. Tell us what you’re looking for and let us advise you.

die radwerkstatt - our services

  • Advice for all cyclists, whether you use your bicycle daily or only occasionally, for fun or as a sport.
  • Detailed cost estimates.
  • Service and repairs on all bicycles, all ages, all brands – racing, mountain, trekking, city, e-bikes, carbon fiber bikes, single-speeds, children’s bikes, bikes for everyday riding, bikes for pros.
  • Annual tune-up.
  • Minor repairs completed within one hour whenever possible.
  • Maintenance and major repairs within 3 business days.
  • Modifications, no matter how complex.
  • Bead blasting/paint stripping, painting, chrome plating, powder coating.
  • We source and sell any and all spare parts.
  • We buy and sell pre-owned bikes.

die radwerkstatt – Services in detail


  • Check and replace brake shoes and pads
  • Replace brake cables and Bowden cables
  • Bleed and replace fluid in disc/hydraulic brakes
  • Modify and replace brakes and entire brake systems
  • Lubricate calipers, levers and springs


  • Adjust/align dropout, hanger, shifters, derailleur, sprockets
  • Replace shift cables and Bowden cables
  • Inspect chain for wear using a chain measurement gauge
  • Adjust internal-gear hubs
  • Convert to single-speed
  • Convert from single-speed to up to eight-gear hub


  • Visual inspection of frame and fork
  • Align frame and fork
  • Optimize saddle position
  • Grind seat post
  • Regrind or insert sleeve into pedal thread and derailleur hanger
  • Dismantle, clean, grease and assemble bottom bracket and stem
  • Rethread bottom bracket and stem
  • Convert handlebars: racing, sports or bull horn
  • Wrap handlebar tape


  • True (straighten) wheels
  • Modify/replace wheels
  • Spoke/re-spoke hubs and rims
  • Glue tubular tires


  • Polish aluminum and chrome components and weathered
  • Replace missing, rusted or broken screws, nuts, etc.
  • Service suspension forks, suspension systems and shocks
  • Adjust height and angle of handlebars and saddle
  • Wash your bike
  • Clean and grease chain, cog set and entire drivetrain
  • Install and calibrate speedometer and replace batteries
  • Convert to halogen light or hub dynamo
  • Fix cottered cranks, change cotter pins
  • Check tire pressure